Summary: Want to Track Modem Usage on SPARCStation *OR* this month's stupid question in Sun-Managers

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Fri Sep 06 1991 - 22:56:48 CDT

As the title indicates, this question probably wins this month's prize for
the dumbest one asked in Sun-Managers. Hopefully, the shell/awk script I
wrote will somewhat redeem myself. The original post:

   Here's another (I hope) easy one. I am interested in tracking modem usage
                           ^^^^ was it ever
   on our Sun SPARCStations, SunOS4.1.1. We don't run accounting, but logins
   are recorded in /var/adm/wtmp and the modem is on port ttya. One can simply
   say who /var/adm/wtmp to get a listing of logins, and then of course,
   pipe that through grep ttya to determine modem usage.

   What I would like to do is determine how long people have been on - i.e. one
   needs to match up the login time with the logout time. Because there's only
   a single modem (for now!) on ttya, this isn't too tough. However, being the
   overworked (OK, and a little lazy:-) sysadmin, I'm *sure* someone has written
                                ^^^^ and perhaps a little brain-dead! ;-)
   a shell/awk/whatever (we don't have perl though) script to do this.

   Can someone help me? (Or suggest a better approach)
   I will, of course, summarize (wasn't this discussed somewhere a while ago?)

   P.S. Re: Today's Wall Street Journal. Sun announces plans to support Intel
        architectures with SunOS/OW/NFS/etc. by mid-92. Interesting ...
> Some interesting responses to this. Basically, some concerns about Sun
> splitting their resources to go after MicroSoft and the PC market, rather
> than furthering SPARC (but perhaps this is in indication that there are
> problems in speeding up SPARC - where's the 80MHz machine?).
> Some not-so-happy 386i owners question Sun's committment.
> Finally, I personally think Sun is biting off a huge project, but if they
> are successful, they may become the dominent computer *software* (ala MS)
> company of the 90's. I think SPARC/UNIX/NFS/ONC/etc. could eventually pass
> up PC/DOS/OS2/whatever, but I can understand McNealy's impatience.
> Yep, this is somewhat inappropriate discussion for Sun-Managers, but I thought
> I would pass this info on to an interested & knowledgeable group.
> Followups to {alt,comp}.sys.sun

A zillion of you said (of course) use last(1). No excuses here ladies & gents,
I just did not know about this. In my sorry defense, let me say that I *did*
look through the related man pages; it appears that last is not cross-referenced
anywhere except lastcomm and, of course, List(1) [shoulda looked! :-( ]

I was interested in a summary report, so I ended up writing the following:
# Original from (c) copyright CWI, Frank Kuiper Amsterdam, June 19, 1991
# Substansial modification by alek, 9/91
# Provide more summary information, and maybe redeems one for a dumb question

set term = a
if ( "$1" == "all" ) set term = ""
echo " User #logins First Login Last Login Time" ; echo ""

# if all, need to grep out network tty's & ftp's - they mess up field order
last $term | grep -v ttyp | grep -v ftp | \
 nawk '{if (n[$1]=="") l[$1]=$4" "$5" "$6;n[$1]+=1;f[$1]=$4" "$5" "$6;t[$1]=$9;\
   h=substr($9,2,2); h1[$1]=h1[$1]+h ; m=substr($9,5,2) ; m1[$1]=m1[$1]+m } \
   END {for (u in n) { if( u!="wtmp" && u!="") \
   { h2[u] = int(m1[u]/60); m2[u]=m1[u]-60*h2[u]; h2[u]=h2[u]+h1[u]; \
   printf "%8s %7d %16s %14s %5s:%s\n", u,n[u],f[u],l[u],h2[u],m2[u]; \
   h3=h3+h2[u];m3=m3+m2[u];n4=n4+n[u]}} h4=int(m3/60);m4=m3-60*h4; h4=h4+h3; \
   printf "%8s %7d %16s %14s %5s:%s\n", "Total",n4,"","",h4,m4 }' | \
 sort -n +1

[ (shortened) output looks like]
    User #logins First Login Last Login Time
     jmb 4 Sep 2 14:08 Sep 5 02:25 7:23
     sgl 7 Aug 30 08:33 Sep 4 07:51 1:50
    alek 10 Aug 29 13:00 Sep 5 23:12 0:39
     cwr 12 Aug 30 01:44 Sep 6 03:20 46:20
   Total 33 56:12

Let me close by truly thanking everyone that responded to a "dumb" question
with overall polite answers (only two RTFM's, and one copy of the man page).
I hope some of you find the shell/awk script helpful.

Alek Komarnitsky 303-449-0649
Software Tools Manager, Spatial Technology, Inc. 2425 55th Street, Bldg A Boulder, CO 80301-5704

The Hall of Fame is:

Frank Kuiper <> sent me the following shell/awk script that
got me thinking about this:
#set -x
# (c) copyright CWI, Frank Kuiper
# Amsterdam, June 19, 1991
# usage: logus [-a|console|tty??|user-name|month]


if [ "$term" = "-a" ] ; then
        last | \
        awk '{x[NR]=$0}END{for (i=NR; i>0; i--) print x[i]}'| \
        awk '{l[$1]+=1; ll[$1]=$4" "$5" "$6" "$7} \
                END{for (i in l) printf "%8s %4d %s\n", i, l[i], ll[i]}' | \
        sort -rn +1
        last | \
        awk '{x[NR]=$0}END{for (i=NR; i>0; i--) print x[i]}'| \
        grep -i $term | \
        awk '{l[$1]+=1; ll[$1]=$4" "$5" "$6" "$7} \
                END{for (i in l) printf "%8s %4d %s\n", i, l[i], ll[i]}' | \
        sort -rn +1

Also kudo's to Claus Assmann <> for
some other interesting looking scripts/programs that I didn't happen to use.

And thanx to all the others that responded diab jerius (David St. Pierre) (Hal Stern - Consultant) Steve Carr
rick%pgt1@Princeton.EDU (Rick Mott)
wallen@cogsci.UCSD.EDU (Mark R. Wallen) (Simon Woodhead - Technical Consultant) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Rhod Davies <>
"Fuat C. Baran" <>
Peter Lamb ( (Mark Plotnick)
Mike Raffety <>
John Hasley<>
mikulska@ece.UCSD.EDU (Margaret Mikulska) (alex;923-4483)
bks@okeeffe.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Brian K. Shiratsuki) (Dan Lorenzini) (Brian Keves - Consultant)
Richard Niziak <ontologic!gremlin!>
ssigv!lewis@uunet.UU.NET (Don Lewis)
gatech!! (G. Roderick Singleton ) (Peter Gross) (Brent Chivers)

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