SUMMARY: problem with exabyte 8200 on SS1 running 4.0.3c

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Mon Sep 09 1991 - 10:36:51 CDT

Well, it appears that 4.0.3c does not support exabytes, at least on
the sun4c architecture; I got one response indicating that it might
work on a sun4 under 4.0.3. the two main suggestions were to upgrade
to 4.1.x, or to purchase a third-party driver, such as the one from
Delta Microsystems. Thanks to the following people for their assistance:


Ned Danieley (
Basic Arrhythmia Laboratory
Box 3140, Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC  27710   (919) 660-5111 or 660-5100

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