SUMMARY SUNOS upgrade from 4.1 to 4.1.1 on SPARC 1+

From: Kelvin Y. Hui (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1991 - 14:52:44 CDT

Thanks to the people who responsed. The original questions were:

>Can I use the SUNOS4.1.1 CD from my SPARC 2 workstation to upgrade my
>SPARC 1+ workstation (which is currently running SUNOS4.1)? Are there
>any licensing problems?


From: Pravir K Chawdhry (EDC Data Exch) <>

First the technical issue. The following desktop sparcstations

        Sparcstation 1 (4/60)
        Sparcstation 1+ (4/65)
        Sparcstation SLC (4/20)
        Sparcstation IPC (4/40)
        Sparcstation 2 (4/75)

all have the same a-arch.k-arch architecture: sun4.sun4c

Just check that the a-arch.k-arch for SS2+ is also the same (I don't
have any SS2+ but I see no reason it should deviate from sun4.sun4c).

If so, your SUNOS4.1.1 CD used to install OS on SPARC 2+ workstation
is the same OS you need for the SS1+. And yes, you can do a remote
installation of SunOS using a CD-ROM drive. For details of the procedure,
see "SunOS 4.1.1 Release & Install" - Appendix C: Loading and Booting the
Miniroot from a Remote CD-ROM. (It is only 6.5 pages long.)

Second, the legal issue. Licensing of OS is for 2 RTU (in case of UK)
every time the SunOS is shipped. Read your 2-sheeter Licensing Info again
and in case of doubt, check with Sun.


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From: kevins@Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

Interesting question - Sun says you have to buy a RTU (Right To Use) for
the upgrade, claiming that is where they bundled media costs, but if you
read your current RTU, it covers upgrades.

Technical answer is - you should have the CDROM around, as I think kvm
is different, but it will work.

                l & h,

Kevin Sheehan
Optimation Software Engineering


From: "Fuat C. Baran" <>

There might be. Does your SS2+ have a SunOS 4.1.1 Right-To-Use
license? If you've had it on software contract then you probably do.
If not, you need to upgrade your RTU before you can legally upgrade
the OS. Unless you maintain current RTU a machine is only licensed
for the RTU in effect, typically, if it has never been on software
contract, this would be the version of SunOS that was most current at
the time the machine was purchased from Sun.



From: Mike Raffety <>

Technically, certainly, they're both sun4c machines.

License-wise, as long as you have Sun software maintenance on
your SS-1+, certainly. Otherwise, you have to buy an upgrade
license (which does NOT include media).

See your Sun sales rep for details.

Please be sure to summarize back to this list; thanks.


From: Steve Hanson <>

Yes, there are licensing problems. Legally, you can't upgrade to a new
release unless either your machine is on software support or
you purchase an upgrade license. The morality of the issue is of cours
up to you, but legally you can't do this unless your Sparc1+ is on

                        Steve Hanson


From: (name unknown)

>From a technical standpoint, you can certainly use the same SunOS 4.1.1 CD
for both Sparc1 and Sparc2 workstations.

>From a licensing standpoint, you need to pay Sun more money. Sun's licensing
states that when you buy a workstation, you also receive a license to run
the *CURRENT* SunOS software release.

If you wish to have access to newer software releases, there are two paths
you can follow.

1. Pay Sun a one-time license upgrade fee, which lets you go from your
present release to the most recent. There are two levels of license

        a) Partial Upgrade (I think this is a misnomer, it should really
           be called an "incremental upgrade") takes you from the last
           "dot" release (eg 4.1) to the most recent "dot-dot" release
           (eg 4.1.1) If you were already at the 4.1 level and wanted
           to go to 4.1.1, you'd only need a Partial Upgrade on your
           Right To Use (RTU) license. They go for $200 a shot with no
           manuals or media. The book I'm looking at doesn't say what
           happens when you go from, say, SunOS 4.1.1 to SunOS 5.0, but
           I bet that it's a "Full Upgrade"

        b) Full Upgrade - if you were using software that's OLDER than the
           latest "dot" release (like 4.0.3, where the latest "dot" release
           is 4.1), you'd have to pay for a "Full Upgrade" on your RTU. A
           full upgrade costs $700 each, no manuals/media.

2. Get on (and stay on) a software maintenance plan. There are three options
here: software update (just keeps your RTUs current and sends you a copy of
all media and documentation updates), AnswerLine (adds the ability to call a
Sun Engineer with problems and bugs) and Personal AnswerLine (assigns one
particular Sun Engineer to your company, whom you call direct, rather than
going through a generic "Engineer Pool". You pay a monthly base charge
according to the option you select; software update ($25), answerline ($100)
or personal answerline"($350) service. Then there's a monthly per-workstation
fee, which varies with the type of workstation; for a "data center server"
(eg 4/490), it's a whopping $175/month; for a deskside system (4/470, 4/330)
it's $70/month, and for your desktop units, it's $35 per month. [all figures
are per workstation].

With your Sparc1 and Sparc2 systems, choosing just software update service,
you'd pay $25/month base + 2 x $35/month = $95/month, or $1140/year.

I've pulled all this information out of the Sparc End User US Price List,
a very handy reference book if you have to worry about buying or upgrading
hardware or software. Ask your Sun sales rep for a copy.

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