SUMMARY of Multiple tar saves on 1/4" or exabyte

From: Randy Born (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1991 - 16:01:23 CDT

SUMMARY of Multiple Saves on 1/4" or exabyte tape

1. Thanks to all who responded I was convinced that it should

2. Seems that something funny was happening in the scsi interface I
presume because after a reboot all is OKAY.

3. By the way it appears that the "r" option to tar can be used
on the exabyte . This is preferrable for special saves that we
do but I'll continue with the multiple save sets for deadfiling.

4. I have a summary of replies with helpfull advice on this topic
should anyone whatit. Email me and I'll send a copy to you.

Thanks again to all,
                                                Randy Born

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