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Date: Wed Sep 11 1991 - 19:02:03 CDT

Please excuse my use of band width, but I need to clear something up.
My original request, please note states that I have 40 MB of swap for each
of the diskless stations and 32MB for the server. In my summary I said that
they were using 10 MB of swap. What I mean by this is they are, on the average, ALLOCATING 10MB OF THE 40MB AVAILABLE TO THEM. I have received many`
letters from 'latecomers' chastizing me for only giving them 10MB of swap space. This is not the case! I do, however apologize for not making that more
clear. Thank you.

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Subject: Open Windows performance.

Hello World,

        Our site has recently gone from sunview to Open Windows. We knew that
there would be a performance sacrifice, but not like this. We do CAD and it
sometimes takes ~3 sec. just to pick each corner of a zoom window. That is
ridiculous. Are there any gurus out there who know of any ways to increase
Open Windows or our machines performance? Here are our vitals:

                SunOS: 4.1

                Server: Sun 4/330 w/ 24Mb ram, 32Mb swap, (2) 669Mb
                Workstations: (3) Sun 4/65's ,diskless, 16Mb ram,*40Mb swap.*
        I realize that the best way to increase performance would be to buy
hard drives for these "nfs-swap hungry" workstaions. One of the largest
performance bottlenecks is their having to CONSTANTLY swap over the net.
What I am looking for is something I can configure, setup, or program.


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