SUMMARY: Which process issues "NFS Server not responding" message

From: Michael N. Lipp (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1991 - 08:49:00 CDT


the question was

Michael> We are using a Sun 3/60 running SunOS 4.1 and MIT-XWindows as
Michael> an X-Terminal. The Screen is corrupted whenever (mostly due
Michael> to a timeout) the Message "NFS server XXX not responding
Michael> still trying" is issued. I would like to know which process
Michael> issues this message so that I can redirect its output.

The vast majority agreed, that the message comes from the kernel.

And the vast majority proposed that I should use "xterm -C" and read
the manuals first. Well, I admit that I didn't emphazise on it, but
of course, our sun acts as an X-terminal for *another* machine. I.e.
a user logging in on the X-terminal-sun finds himself on another
machine (a sparc, actually). This is the best way we can use this
Sun 3/60, because all our other machines are sparcs and we don't
want the overhead of keeping several object files during program
development or compiling /usr/local/bin stuff for 2 architectures
just because of this one machine.

So I actually had to inhibit the "-C" switch of xterm if the display
host doesn't match the `hostname`: someone calling "xterm -C" while
logging in via the X-terminal-sun would grab the login prompt from the
console of the sparc (not running as an X-terminal) so no one could
log in there any more!

What I need and probably will write, now that I know that the message
comes from the kernel, is a small program that simply grabs the
console (like "xterm -C") which I can start together with the
X-server on the Sun 3/60.

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