SUMMARY: patch for nres_gethostbyaddr problem needed

From: William LeFebvre (
Date: Fri Sep 13 1991 - 16:15:05 CDT

I asked:

> Can someone point me at an FTPable copy of this patch:
> 100141-01 nres_gethostbyaddr logs misleading messages to console

I found that: -01 is obsolete. The correct one to use is -02.

-02 is, among other things, on the SUG CD-ROM along with zillions of
other patches (sigh......I didn't think to check there).

I also found a few FTP sites. Here are some of the more interseting


Patch #100141-02 is available from [] in
/pub/sun/100141-02.tar.Z .

[ This site also has a great many other patches, but round trip time
is rather high. They also request that people not use anonymous
FTP between 8 and 5 local time (which is well ahead of US time---
sorry but I can't get to the site right now to clarify this info,
but it tells you when you first log in). --wnl ]


for 10014101.

how to find this?

look in archie for sites with directories sun-{dist,fixes,patches}
look in archie for "100141-01"


1) You must get 100141-02. 100141-01 quits after a while.
2) The messages don't stop completely. They're just no longer misleading.
3) The patch is available at many sites
archie sez (small sample):
Host (
Last updated 19:00 27 Jul 1991

    Location: /pub/sun-fixes/sunos4.1.1
      FILE rw-r--r-- 344165 Apr 18 19:59 100141-02.tar.Z
    Location: /pub/sun-fixes/sunos4.1
      FILE rw-r--r-- 344165 Mar 25 05:20 100141-02.tar.Z


I have a copy here, but since I am an the UK you may like to get it from
somewhere nearer to home. There are lots of other patches available as
well. I am collecting all the patches that I come across and making
them available to all the departments in our University. I can see no
reason why others should not also be aware of them. The machine is
called (


No, but I have a newer version of the patch. You can FTP anonymously

-rw-r--r-- 1 Simon DI-LIA 881 Apr 25 15:20 /pub/sun-fixes/100141-02.README
-rw-r--r-- 1 Simon DI-LIA 344165 May 27 20:49 /pub/sun-fixes/100141-02.tar.Z


There is e newer one. Look at:


Thanks to all who resonded:

"(Simon Leinen)" <>
"Casper H.S. Dik" <>
"Frank G. Fiamingo" <>
"Leonardo C. Topa" <>
Edward Vielmetti <>
Graeme Wood <>
Joe Habermann <>
Kim H|glund <>
Mark Seiden <>
Martin Walter <>
Matt Crawford <>
Richard Elling <>

                William LeFebvre
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