SUMMARY - iostat and rimfire disks

Date: Sat Sep 14 1991 - 00:49:01 CDT

A while ago I asked if anyone noticed that rimfire disks didn't not
report stats to the kernel such that iostat could show them.

I got about 3 replies - 1 or 2 saying they had noticed the same thing
and 1 saying he had mades changes to the rimfire driver some time
ago on some old forgotten version that implemented the stat gathering
but didn't think the changes would apply to newer versions of the
driver. Essentially I got confirmation but no help from the net.

I talked to Ciprico folks about it and was told, paraphrased (I hope I
get this right), that ciprico didn't have details of the how the
kernel wanted the stat information stored when they originally wrote
the drivers, that they didn't want to implement it incorrectly, and
that since they were not aggressively marketing the rimfire smd
controllers anymore they had no intention of re-working the drivers to
contain this information. However I wanted to pay some money perhaps
they might...

I understand their reply and have sympathy with it. When I bought the
controllers and drivers I didn't require that disk stats be available.
It was only 2 years later that I realized that I needed them, so I
have only myself to blame for my current situation. Oh well.

Sid Shapiro -- ASK Computer Systems, Inc. Ingres Division                              (415)748-3470

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