building a boot tape -- summary

From: J Eric Townsend (
Date: Tue Sep 17 1991 - 22:31:22 CDT

A recap of my problem: I had a sun 4/260 w/ scsi tape, no external
scsi bus and a crashed disk. I also have a bunch of sparcs w/ tape drives
and cd-rom. I didn't have a sun4 boot tape. The question was
"how do I build a sun4 boot tape"?

The answer seems to be "you can't, unless you're sun." I played
with a number of things on the cd rom, and even started to set up
one of my sparcs as a boot server before I threw in the towel and
borrowed a sun4 boot tape from a nameless friend.. :-)

Thanks to the following for help:
From: Ken Rossman <>
From: (Meg Grice)
From: (Mike Guttman)
From: (Phil Ritzenthaler)
From: johbro@squid1.Auto-trol.COM (John R. Brown)
From: proton! (Michael Baumann)
From: Ken Rossman <>
From: (Milt Ratcliff)
From: tester@cmcl2.NYU.EDU (

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