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From: Steve Grandi (
Date: Tue Sep 17 1991 - 20:16:45 CDT

The original query:

> We are faced with the task of writing a SCSI device driver to run our new
> Solitaire film recorder from a Sun 4/60. We have source (4.1, not 4.1.1,
> unfortunately) and folks who have written drivers before.
> I have found references to two Sun manuals that would seem to be relevant:
> P/N 800-4700 "Implementation Guide to Sun Common SCSI Architecture" and
> P/N 800-4701 "SCSA Sun Common SCSI Architecture" and have ordered them from
> Sun (which means we will see them in 2 months or so).
> Has anyone out there written a SCSI driver for SPARCstations using the SCSA
> interface? Are the above mentioned manuals (plus the usual "Writing Device
> Drivers" manual) sufficient to get the job done? Any example SCSA drivers
> that out there that people are willing to share?
> There is a Sun Consulting Special (SIP) which is described as a "starter kit
> for SCSI drivers." Sounds perfect until you look at the price: $8,100,
> non-discountable!

The best answer:

From: rct@fid.Morgan.COM (Robert Terzi)

Get the Sun SBus Developer's Kit. It can be order through, I think,
Sun Express or Hamilton Avnet (probably better choice). The kit should get
there in reasonable timeframe and includes some very useful info,
namely: Writing SBus Device Drivers, The Sun Common SCSI architecture,
& SCSA Implementation guide. Yes, even though the kit and the driver
guide is aimed at SBus, it has *lots* of useful information about
drivers for SPARCstations. Sun's SBus group did a very good job at
putting this together IMHO. There are some sample drivers in the SBus
kit. Last I looked there was a sample SCSI skeleton driver. There
unfortunately isn't a good guide as to how to write SCSI drivers for

[List price is $85 (discount level A). We ordered it through SunExpress and
it arrived a week later. Our driver guy is busily digesting it. Thanks

Other useful notes:

From: stern@bitatron.Eng.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)

if you want the manuals tomorrow, call sunexpress.
1-800-usa4sun. give them a credit card #, and they
fedex the manuals to you with 1-5 day delivery.
for anything < $5,000, don't bother going through
the usual sales rep -> PO -> sales order -> order entry -> ship
cycle. sunexpress is by far the better way to get "small"

From: kevins@Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

You can get them much quicker by using the Sun Success Library - it's
a mailer archive, and we made sure those two documents were in it. (I was
one of the authors when at Sun) Start down the path with mail
Check with your sales critter, they may be able to to this *very* quickly
for you...

[Only Sun folk can get stuff from this server...]

From: Chris Maio <>

There is an SCSA mailing list (mail to to join),
and an example scsa driver was posted to that forum a while back.

Thanks to everyone who sent mail in response to my query!

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