SUMMARY- growing xnews and Question

From: William Unruh (Unruh (
Date: Wed Sep 18 1991 - 22:02:26 CDT

It seems that the NeWS driver for the SparcPrinter does suffer from an
xnews that keeps growing. Harold Ravlin, writes
>I once saw it up to 24MB.
It seems the only way he's found is to kill it with a cron.

I have a follow-up. Is there some way to have NeWSprint kill off xnews
the end of a print job, instead of leaving it hanging around?
Also, I at present have two "printers" (the same physically, but
different printcap files, and spool directories) with different .param
files in the two directories, one with 300dpi default, and the other
with 400dpi default. This also produces two hoggish xnews running. Is
there some way in which the two could be merged, but with different
.param files to be read, or even with two different default resolutions?
What happens if the same printer is pointed to by two seperate printcap
files, but with the same spool directories? Could the printcap pass the
news/lpd/lpd_script some flag to tell it to use 300 or 400dpi?

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