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Date: Thu Sep 19 1991 - 12:12:18 CDT

Thanks for the input!

There is an NIU.SYS which has to be loaded in config.sys and a number of
other programs which must be loaded to fire up the NIU card. My batch file
is below: (some stuff deleted for clarity)

SET PATH=c:\nfs;c:\netone
loadniu -m:D0 -p:U360 -i:2 \netone\exniuw.xfm \netone\
xnsbios -m:d0 -i:2
set nfsdrive=c
set nfsdrive=n

ALSO... another program called arp (address resolution program) to match
up the IP address with the ethernet address of the unix host. It must
be run after net start and before net ypset. The command line looks
like this:

arp -s unixhost 8:0:20:8:fc:57

Are you still interested? There is more. It very tricky business if you
are working with subnets and just as tricky if you are not. Telnetting
is going to be a constant source of headaches. (they forget their arp table
after a while and have to be re-arped.

If you don't already know this, Sun does not want to support niu cards
anymore, and I fully understand why.

Funny you should ask.... we just order the NDIS driver for a PCNIU/NIUpc card
this morning. It's product TCP0022 from Ungermann-Bass and costs $110 (or
TCP0122 for $550 - server version).

According to both Sun and UB, the driver in PC/NFS for the NIC cards will not
function with the NIU cards.

Thanks again!

And there was much rejoicing.........yea.
Ron Barchi
UUNET: ...!uunet!bcstec!sparcky!ron

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