SUMMARY: HP LJIIISi to Sun via Serial

From: Axel Eble (
Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 - 12:04:29 CDT

Hi Folks,

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped.

Summary of the problem:
When wanting to switch between the different printig modes via software,
you have to do hardware handshaking. Neither the SUN manuals nor the HP
manual (yeah, you guessed *that* :-) gave any useful hints. Our normal
connection didn't work.

John DiMarco made the right suggestion:
        Printer Sun
        2 --------------- 3
        3 --------------- 2
        5,6,8 ----------- 20
        20 -------------- 5
        7 --------------- 7

The appropriate /etc/printcap entry is



Now we have two queues, one for the upper papertray and one for the lower.
The upper one contains recycling paper, the lower one "normal" white paper.
The duplex option is activated via the "lpr -d"-switch (df=...) and the file
type is detected by a filter.
The assumptions I made are the following:
o A PostScript file have to contain at least one "showpage" in it (there are
   some software packages that don't use the "%!"-Standard).
o HP GL/2 is detected with an ESC.( as the first three bytes. This is some-
   what site-specific, but there *are* software packages that don't use the IN
o PCL 5 is detected with ESC& because the most used commands begin with ESC&.
   As you guessed :-) there are software packages that don't use the ESC E
   recommendation by HP...

Anybody interested in my filter? By the way, we use PostScript as our

Bob Shaw (
John DiMarco (
Hau Chen Lee (
Mark Read (mark@gest20.SINet.SLB.COM)

and all the others who wanted to help:
Brian Colfer (brianc@labmed.ucsf.EDU)
Mike Madigan (

and to Frank Rizzo and Alek Kormanitsky

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