SUMMARY: 424MB drives in IPC

From: Denis Beauchemin (
Date: Thu Sep 26 1991 - 09:21:30 CDT

My initial query was the following:
> I would like to buy a Sun 424MB internal drive for an IPC. I would
> then put the IPC's 207MB drive in a vacant bay of an SS2. Do you think
> this can be done? Does it require special brackets or cables? Will
> the IPC overheat? Has anybody done this?

I got 3 different answers. Two of them said it shouldn't be done, while
the third one said there were no problems to it. Here are their replies:

Robby Mann ( said:
All of the vars that i have talked to in my area (Colorado) tell me i can add
the 424 drive, if i can find space to put an extra fan.

Henry Bryant - FSE (hbryant@braves.East.Sun.COM) said:
It should work fine with no problems; make sure you have the target(address)
set correctly; the 424mb drive will be standard in the future desktops systems

Peter Scott ( said:
I so happen to have an answer from my Sun rep on this:

>There are certain power and cooling constraints that will not
>allow the 424 Mbyte disk (although same form factor as the 207 Mbyte)
>to reside internal to the IPC or IPX systems.
>The following are external options that you could add on to an IPC/IPX:
> Part # Description
> ------ ------------
> X552U 207-Mbyte SCSI Desktop Disk Pack
> X540U 424-Mbyte SCSI "" "" "" ""
> X571U 1.3-Gbyte SCSI Desktop Storage Module

Thanks to all!

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