Summary: slip/ppp choices

From: Ross Porter (
Date: Fri Sep 27 1991 - 09:04:18 CDT

~1 week ago, I asked the for reccomendations on what (*slip*,*ppp*)
to use to connect two SPARCs via V.32. I got several responses from
the net and several from actual live conversations :-). The score was
5:1 ppp:slip, with the ppp people reccomending:

Despite the name, I'm told it works on Sun 3s.
I have not tried this ppp yet. The one slip voter warned that
PD ppp was on the bleeding edge, but regular ppp users
[granted they are technical users] did not seems distressed.
There is a commercial ppp by Morning Star (800) 558-7827.

Several people also mentioned comp.protocols.ppp

Thanks to all who responded.


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