SUMMARY: Interesting console message. Suggestions?

From: Mark Scheller x6519 (
Date: Fri Sep 27 1991 - 09:57:57 CDT

My original question:

> For quite a while now, unfortunately I don't know how long, I have been
>seeing the following message on my console or in my console window every
>%s: can't set callog to its owner: Not owner

Well, almost all of the answers pointed to rpc.cmsd - the calendar manager

<Insert sheepish grin> Sure enough, the problem was with rpc.cmsd not having
sufficient permission to write to the /var/spool/calendar directory. Why?
Well, I have NFS mounted that directory from my server and in my server's
/etc/exports file I had "access=xxx" but not "root=xxx" or "anon=0". So,
as root, I tried to do a chown in that directory and got the same 'Not owner'
complaint! A quick change to the server's exports file, and the chown works.

Thanks all! Your credits are at the end.

. . .And now for the exective summaries. The following suggestions were made:

From: fwp1@CC.MsState.Edu (Frank Peters)
> This error is from rpc.cmsd, the calendar manager daemon. Make sure this
> daemon is running as daemon.

From: Mike.Sullivan@EBay.Sun.COM (Mike Sullivan { Be _excellent_ to each other! })
> I think your message is due to calendar manager. Either the callog file
> in your home directory has a problem, or /var/spool/calendar has the wrong
> owner.

From: lwv27%CAS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (Larry W. Virden, x2487)
> that seems to be a msg from the old Sun Deskset 1.0 calendar manager (cm).
> Note that more up to date versions of cm would keep the info in
> /usr/spool/calendar/callog.$USER ...

From: black@seismo.CSS.GOV (Mike Black)
> Check and see the /var/adm/aculog is owned by uucp. I assume you've
> got some modems hooked up? tip keeps a call log in this file.

From: (Coy Correll)
> &fNO

> wn*@
[I had trouble interpreting this one. . .]

From: Kerien Fitzpatrick <> (Kerien Fitzpatrick)
> This message is generated by the rpc.cmsd (Calendar Manager daemon).
> It is suggesting that ownership within the /var/spool/calendar is not
> correct - it can occur when you aren't logged in because someone may
> try to read a calendar file from your machine. You can get these
> errors even when you don't use the calendar manager (as long as the
> daemon is running).

> I believe the correct setup is that the directory /var/spool/calendar
> should be owned by daemon.daemon and then drwxrwsrwt. All the
> callog.* and .calbak.* should be owned by the corresponding user with
> group daemon.

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