SUMMARY: nfsd problem

Date: Fri Sep 27 1991 - 11:53:58 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my problem about nfsd and a very slow
3/470 server. Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been away for
a couple of weeks. Some people suggested that I change the number
of daemons from 8 to 12 or 16, which I did (in /etc/rc.local, change
'nfsd 8' to 'nfsd 16').

Others suggested that I use 'etherfind ' to figure out which
DL client (there are 11 on this server) is dragging me down.

The problem may have been that a client was executing a program
that has been deleted.

Sun suggested that I 'tune' my nfs by changing the mount parameters
in /etc/fstab on any machines mounting disks from the server in question.
I did this on a few machines.
The parameters I changed (added) were:
            timeo=30, retrans=5, rsize=4096, wsize=4096
Example line from a clients fstab ( 'orion' is the 3/470 server):
orion:/home/orion/usr3 /home/orion/usr3 nfs rw,soft,bg,nosuid,timeo=30,retrans=5,rsize=4096,wsize=4096 0 0

( I know there is some debate over the use of soft mounts versus hard,
but the Sun rep suggested I use soft mounts in this case.)

Ultimately I could always reboot all the diskless clients and the server
and hope that the problem goes away.

The solution I found was to do a little of everything above. I added
a few more nfsd daemons, I 'tuned' my nfs and I also rebooted a
couple of machines. I havent seen the problem since.

Thanks to all who responded:

- wyllys Ingersoll
 E-Systems, Inc
 Melpar Division

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