SUMMARY: calentool 2.2p1

From: Julie Rotter (dasun!camber!rotter@sunkist.West.Sun.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 30 1991 - 17:44:49 CDT

Hi sun-managers,

VERY tardy summary and thanks for information leading to our
using the latest version of calentool 2.2p1. We've taken this
time to make sure it fixed our problems and is, indeed, MUCH
better. Special thanks to Bill Randle who gave told me the
source could be gotten from saab with the following information:

" Anonomous uucp archive access is available from saab. It has a single
phone line with a USR Courier HST modem (9600/7200/2400/1200/300).
[Only talks to another HST at 9600 or 7200.]
A sample uucp L.sys entry might look like:

        saab Any ACU 2400 5039234494 in:-\r-in: ugames ssword: letmein
The calentool source can be retrieved with a command like:
                uucp saab!/usr1/ftp/pub/calentool/Partxx.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic/calentool/Partxx.Z

Where Partxx.Z goes from Part01.Z thru Part23.Z. Also get Patch1.Z. All of
the source files are compressed with 16-bit compression. If you need
compress or patch, they are also available from the "pub" directory as
compress.shr and patch.tar.Z. "

Thanks to these fine people who also answered my call for help:
billr@saab.CNA.TEK.COM (winner)!mclement

Julie Rotter
EMAIL: ...!sun!sunkist!dasun!rotter OR

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