SUMMARY: FAQ That's Not on the FAQ List

Date: Tue Oct 01 1991 - 17:04:14 CDT

Last week, I wrote asking about logging incoming ftp sessions.

Basically, I received three kinds of answers:

o Get another 'ftpd' (several were suggested; see below);

o Turn on debugging with my current 'ftpd'.

o Please tell me what you find out.

Several people suggested the recently announced 'beta' version of 'ftpd'
from in /packages/ftpd.wuarchive.shar. This is
Chris Meyers' package.

A couple of others indicated that they'd modified 'ftpd' to do logging: has pub/4.3/ftpd-sirius.tar.Z on says he's done one, but doesn't specify if
it's available. mentioned one he'd gotten from Finland, but also didn't
give specifics on its availability.

Finally, jmcarli@srv.PacBell.COM suggested:

>In inetd.conf, make sure the ftp line is:
>ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/etc/in.ftpd in.ftpd -ld
>(you need the 'd' (debug) to log everything.
>WARNING: This logs passwords also so make sure the /var/log/daemon
>(or whatever syslog.conf logs to will not be readable to the public!!! :-(
>My syslog.conf entry for logging is:
>daemon.debug ifdef(`LOGHOST', /var/log/daemon, @loghost)

Thanks to all who replied: (Syd Weinstein)
jmcarli@srv.PacBell.COM (Jerry M. Carlin)
Edward Vielmetti <>
Mark Prior <> Fri Sep 27 07:04:26 1991
Frank Kuiper <>
pjw@math30 (Peter J. Welcher (math FACULTY) <pjw@math30>) (Brian White)
Ted Rodriguez-Bell <>

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