SUMMARY: ftp & shells

From: John M. Crowell (
Date: Tue Oct 01 1991 - 18:16:39 CDT

Thanks to everyone who helped.

My original message:

>IF this is a RTFM, somebody please tell me which FM.
>User has default login shell set as /bin/tcsh.
>If he tries to get into the system (SS1+: SunOS 4.1.1) via ftp
>from another, he gets
> 530 User schmuck access denied.
>If his default login shell is /bin/csh or /bin/sh, the problem doesn't occur.
>What is it about ftp and login shells? Is something wrong with my tcsh?
>Is this normal - i.e. should I have known?

The FMs I needed were ftpd(8) AND getusershell(3). (This is like an adventure game.)

ftpd(8) says:
          The user must have a standard shell returned by

and getusershell(3) says:

     getusershell() returns a pointer to a legal user shell as
     defined by the system manager in the file /etc/shells. If
     /etc/shells does not exist, the four locations of the two
     standard system shells /bin/sh, /bin/csh, /usr/bin/sh and
     /usr/bin/csh are returned.

Creating /etc/shells did the trick.

Thanks particularly to:

Svante Lindahl <>
Stefan Mochnacki <>
Matt Crawford <>
Rosalinda Garcia <>
James J Dempsey <>
Jim Davis <>
Ken Rossman <>

and others that keep rolling in.

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