Summary: Non SunView Kernel

From: Anthony Worrall (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1991 - 19:44:58 CDT

My question was

> Has anybody managed to compile a kernel without SunView support?
> I have found that removing the lines
> #
> # The next few are for SunWindows support, needed to run SunView 1.
> #
> pseudo-device win128 # window devices, allow 128 windows
> pseudo-device dtop4 # desktops (screens), allow 4
> pseudo-device ms # mouse support
> Results in the messages
> Undefined:
> mem_ops

The answers break down into two groups

1. Servers

   Remove lines relating to all the frame buffers
        device-driver bwtwo # monochrome frame buffer
        device-driver cgthree # 8-bit color frame buffer
        device-driver cgsix # 8-bit accelerated color frame buffer
        device-driver cgtwelve # 24-bit accelerated color frame buffer

2. Workstations

   The majority favoured using the lines

        pseudo-device win1 # window devices, allow 1 windows
        pseudo-device dtop1 # desktops (screens), allow 1

    The prize goes to James Bottomley ( see below.
    One person sugested that the line
            pseudo-device ms # mouse support
   should be sufficient (ala Xkernel). However I tried this and it did not
   work for a sun4c machine.

Thanks to:

Tom Crummey <>
Benson "I." Margulies <>
R.Haigh <>
Stephen J Lacey <>
James Bottomley (on <> (Robert McGraw) (Hal Stern - Consultant)

From: James Bottomley (on <>

> Has anybody managed to compile a kernel without SunView support?

Yes, I have several sparcs running happily without SunView.
The missing file is mem_kern.c which is needed in the screen driver.
I get round this by including the line:
pixrect/../mem/mem_kern.c optional JEJBHACK
the file `files' in the kernel configuring directory. to activate you
do something like this in the kernel file:
#pseudo-device win128 # window devices, allow 128 windows
#pseudo-device dtop4 # desktops (screens), allow 4
# JEJB *IMPORTANT NOTE* if you have removed all the window devices `win'
# you *MUST* include the following line. If you subsequently put `win' support
# back into the kernel, this must be commented out. This is because the screen
# support is missing a vital file which belongs to the `win' device driver. see
# files for more details.
options JEJBHACK
# JEJB note: do not hack this out otherwise the mouse will not work for
# anything (i.e. X-Windows)
pseudo-device ms # mouse support


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