SUMMARY: patch 100379-01

From: Richard Elling (
Date: Thu Oct 03 1991 - 21:54:41 CDT

I asked whether anyone had installed patch 100379-01 ( an intelligent
swap block freeing algorithm.) Nobody responded with a yes. A few
folks asked for a summary.

I've installed it. It seems to work ok so far. I haven't really noticed
a significant performance increase, but neither have I noticed a decrease.
It is capable of being dynamically switched on and off via adb. It also
prints a cute little message announcing it's presence at boot time. If
I have any problems, I'll notify Sun and then maybe post.

Original post:
> Has anyone installed patch 100379-01 (an intelligent swap block freeing
> algorithm)? Does it work? Does it work well? Is it worth installing?

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