Mirroring summary

From: David Singletary (daves@tos-con1.den.mmc.com)
Date: Fri Oct 04 1991 - 01:32:13 CDT

OK; I finally got around to posting a summary to my "mirroring"
request. Note the quotes; this is because I am not doing what is
normally considered mirroring but more of a nightly backup scheme.

The responses were grouped as follows:

dd Sun Product dump | restore rdist other
-- ----------- -------------- ----- -----
7 6 9 5 3 (cpio, dmirror,
                                                APUnix mirroring)

The final decision was to use the dump/restore method with
incremental levels suggested by Gerald Justice. My reasoning:

The Sun product was right out; this costs money, and certain
functions within the Defense industry are extremely short on
this at the moment.

rdist had(s) potential, but I'm too lazy to install yet another
package off of the net.

dd - what if the source is corrupt? This would be close to an
exact duplicate of that corruption, wouldn't it?

other - dmirror from Joe VanAndel at NCAR: Sorry, Joe; the hard
link lack did it in. (the package made dup's of hard linked files)

cpio: yuk. Not really, just too lazy to dig into this one.
I'm a tar man.

APUnix: again, money.

So, being intimately familiar with dump, I'll stick with it.
My original problem really just turned out to be the cleaning
portion-instead of using rm -r, I'll use newfs...

Thanks for all the replies; I'll be glad to send all 50K worth
to anyone interested.

David Singletary
Martin Marietta Information Systems
Denver, CO


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