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Many thanks to

Tim Pointing,
auspex!guy@uunet.UU.NET (Guy Harris)
Matthew Donaldson <>

You've removed the vagueness.

I should explain that control-V is how I enter escape sequences in
shell scripts using vi. i.e.
control-V esc [7m will bold the following characters.


from Tim Pointing,

You can't do proper cursor addressing in a cmdtool (while it is in scrolling
mode, anyway). Look for the termcap entry in /etc/termcap for either
"sun" or "sun-cmd". You can use the "ts" and "te" to disable scrolling
in your cmdtool and then re-enable it. Check either termcap(5) and
console(4) for escape sequences to other fun things.

>From auspex!guy@uunet.UU.NET (Guy Harris)

I assume you mean "in a shelltool window, or in a 'cmdtool' window in
'full-screen' mode".

Actually, the caret is the cursor in a "cmdtool" window *not* in
full-screen mode, not the rectangular thingie.

Umm, well, you don't mean "echo a <control U>", you mean "send out
something that has the same effect on the display as typing a control-U
would". Control-U, when sent to a "shelltool" doesn't move the cursor
or erase anything; the ANSI X3.64 standard escape sequences for moving
the cursor and erasing to beginning of line should do that.

Control-V doesn't do much of anything interesting when sent to a
"shelltool" window, either; what were you trying to use control-V for?

Then you haven't looked hard enough; the following appears in the SunOS
4.0.3 TPUT(1V) manual page:

     tput cup 23 4 Send the sequence to move the cursor to
                         row 23, column 4.
Read CONSOLE(4S); a "shelltool" mainly emulates a Sun console (although
not all the more obscure console escape sequences work in a "shelltool",
and a "shelltool" supports, as of SunOS 4.0, more video enhancements
than a Sun console does).
from Matthew Donaldson <>
Do you mean a sun-cmd window or some such? From the termcap entry, it looks
as if it's the same as for ansi terminals -
esc [ <row> ; <col> H
(e.g. esc[1;1H for top-left)
If you want to use tput, the move-cursor capability is called "cup", so
tput cup <row> <col> can be used, where row and col start from 0.
Hope this helps.
My original question
>Does anyone know how to do cursor addressing in a sunview
>window? By cursor I mean the little square thing in the
>window, not the mouse cursor. I believe sunview refers to
>it as a caret.
> More specifically we'd like to echo a <control U> from
>a script, to move the cursor and erase to the beginning of the line.
>The <control V control character> doesn't work with this one.
>i I can't seem to find any cursor addressing for tput,
>or escape sequences to do this.
> Any C information would be ok.

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