SUMMARY: C2 jumbo patch 100201-03

From: Nick Wooder Ex 8849 rm 6M09 (
Date: Tue Oct 08 1991 - 19:57:06 CDT

Original question
>Has anyone out there installed the c2 jumbo patch 100201-03 ?
>I have just installed it on a SS2 and 4/260 running 4.1.1 and
>there seems to be one or two security related problems arising.

It appears that the patch 100201-03 creates two new bugs
referance numbers 1063796 & 1058378. This created clear text
copies of the passwords in a logging file.
The solution is to install patch ID 100201-04.
I have now done this and the current problems seem to have gone away.

Thanks to
CH Chua - CSA Malaysia <chchua@my.ksm>
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Nick Wooder
Optics Dept,
Imperial College

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