SUMMARY: Size of OpenWindows 3.0 Distribution

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1991 - 14:21:59 CDT

The summary answer is that no one knows for sure. My original query:

> Does anyone know the size of OpenWindows 3.0 distribution? I know it
> was (slated to be) released on October 4. We're setting up some disk
> upgrades to machines, and I need to know how much space to set aside for
> the window system.

The beta release, which we have, is a bit over 66 Mb. Several folks said
that they had heard the new release was supposed to be the same size as
OW V2. Then the answers ranged from 74 Mb to 170 Mb. Oh, well...

If Sun is keeping the same functionality and adding the much-needed X
widget libs that V2 lacked, I can't see where it'll be the 32 Mb size of
OW V2. My guess is that it'll be closer to 50-60 Mb.

Keep that disk space growing! No wonder the SPARC 2 is now packaged with
424Mb drive!

Thanks to the following who replied:
   mstacy@mayo.EDU (Mahlon Stacy)
   simon@Aus.Sun.COM (Simon Woodhead) (Tony Tran) (Bill McSephney) (Real Page) (Michael Scott)
   Chrystalla.Apostolopoulos@East.Sun.COM (Chrystalla Apostolopoulos)

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