SUMMARY: Kernel Version Control

From: Micky Liu (
Date: Wed Oct 09 1991 - 17:10:55 CDT

The original problem was being able to:

1) Identify the version of the kernel configuration file used.
2) Identify the patched kernel objects.

I ended up using a combination of RCS and GNU diff to record revisions,
but most of the work was in modifcations to:

/usr/kvm/sys/conf.common/ and

The first was modified to generate a bogus C data structure containing
RCS-like identification strings to show the patched objects. This idea
and sed script was donated kindly by (Byron

The second was modified slightly to remove the version, and vers.*
files from the build directory so that would always generate
correct and up-to-date information.

Mostly, the changes were procedurally (is that a word?). Good software
maintenance practices to install revision control strings in the kernel
configurations, etc.

If you want more details, please feel free to send mail to me... And
many thanks to those that replied with suggestions.

Micky Liu

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