SUMMARY CORRECTION: f77 1.4 using tmpfs bug

From: sm (
Date: Thu Oct 10 1991 - 06:43:10 CDT

My original summary:
>My original problem:
> I've just installed Sun Fortran 1.4 on my SparcStations, most
> of which are using tmpfs. I've just found out that there's a bug
> (id 1038651 OS) in fortran on tmpfs. Can anybody tell me the
> patch number (and maybe where to get it via ftp)?

>The patch number is 100089-05, which I've installed and appears
>to have fixed the problem. I got it from Sun tech support, so
>I don't know where else it may reside. (I am willing to mail
>the uuencoded compressed tar file to anybody who asks for it.)

In fact, that patch is for SunOS4.1, not 4.1.1. The correct patch
for 4.1.1 is 100174-01, which I now have from Sun.

Thanks to:
Manavendra K. Thakur <thakur@edu.harvard.zerkalo>
Kim H|glund <shotokan@dk.diku>


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