Re: Exabyte Problems (Summary)

From: Syd Weinstein (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1991 - 18:54:03 CDT

I have worked this past week with Exabyte to resolve my problems
with 'st1: media failure' and there is a resolution.

On OLDER Exabyte 8200's, especially those with the 4$23 MX proms and the
B0 series SV proms, there exists some data patterns that the servo
board thinks is end of file and the micro-processor thinks is data.
This causes it to declare the error. The more current firmware solves

I was sent new firmware and replaced the e-proms, (MX 2618, SV C034)
and all works fine now.

I want to thank Exabyte for their help in this, they were very courtious
and helped me throught it step by step. (And this drive is three years

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