SUMMARY: Problems with calendar manager (OW2.0) after zoneinfo change

From: Bill Hart (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1991 - 22:03:44 CDT

Thanks to for pointing out the problem with calendar
manager to me. The original problem was after changing my zoneinfo file
to reflect new laws about daylight savings in my state and installing the
new file the calendar manager behaved erratically when inserting new
appointments, and all the old appointments had the wrong times.

To quote

> It's something extremely badly wrong with "cm". Some nitwit at Sun was
> unaware that I'd put the AO time zone stuff into SunOS 4.0, complete
> with the "timelocal()" routine that converts local time to UNIX time,
> using the AO time zone rule files, and instead apparently did their
> *own* code to do the conversion, using the old BSD-style "struct
> timezone" second argument to "gettimeofday()". There are two quite
> unfortunate consequences of this:
> 1) the calendar manager stuff won't pick up updated time zone files - you
> have to run "/usr/etc/tzsetup" to tell the kernel about the new
> files;
> 2) since "/usr/etc/tzsetup" can't tell the kernel about an *arbitrary*
> set of time zone rules, only about the small set supported by 4.3BSD,
> if your rules aren't one of the ones known to 4.3BSD, you lose.

Running /usr/etc/tzsetup and restarting the calendar daemon rpc.cmsd fixed
the problem, although I suspect times from past years will now be inaccurate,
but at least it works for now and future times.

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