SUMMARY: Help with enabling password challenge on Telebit T1600's

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Mon Oct 14 1991 - 00:16:28 CDT

I asked earlier about some problems I had been having getting the parity
consistant when using a T1600 w/passwords enabled on a SPARCStation.
In summary, the problem is that the T1600 talks 8 bits/none, and the
default characteristics of the login port is 7 bits/even. My users have
to switch terminal settings after getting past the Telebit.
I received two responses - both of which were excellent.

Tilman Sporkert
wrote that one should add a "p8" to the gettytab entry that controls the
getty on the momem dial-in line. He also mentioned that this requires SunOS4.1
or higher, and that one should not worry about whether or not the application
does anything with the 8th bit. This solved my problem (Yea, guess I shoulda
been able to figure this one out for myself! ;-). (Mike Willett)
Wrote in and suggested a program of his that is also added to the gettytab
entry as an alternate login program. It basically prompts the user for
an additional password in addition to there own. I found it *very* interesting
and potentially quite useful, as it also logs "knocks on the door." Note that
one *is* talking to the OS, so this isn't as air-tight as having the password
on the modem before the user even gets through. Note also that Mike allows
UUCP dial-ins to bypass the password check.

I found Mike's program quite simple and effective. I also got a chuckle out of
reading his code which had the following about halfway down:
   * Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to, when the disclaimer is as
   * big as the code it relates to.... On to the good stuff....
Mike says it can be freely distributed, so let me know if you are interested.
BTW, I'm aware of a commercial package that does a similiar job.

I also mentioned a sparadic noise problem that I'm working with US West on.
Quite strange - a user can be on for four hours with no problems, and later
that night the line will be unusable due to noise (they don't have V.42 modems).
To the best of my knowledge, we don't have any "EM generators" in-house ...

Thanx again Sun-Managers,

Alek Komarnitsky 303-449-0649
Software Tools Manager, Spatial Technology, Inc. 2425 55th Street, Bldg A Boulder, CO 80301-5704

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