SUMMARY: sliplogin causing coredump

From: William Unruh (
Date: Tue Oct 15 1991 - 17:23:58 CDT

I complained that my version of sliplogin (U Toronto 1.15) was causing
coredump when run under cron, while under terminal control it was fine.
The problem solved itself when I recompiled sliplogin, so I do not know
(or now care) why it was dying before. However, the suggestions were
that under cron, the programs are run with a very abrieviated
environment, and no controlling terminal. Thus sliplogin might be
looking for some environmetn variable which is undefined, or it might be
trying to get something from the terminal and bombing.

PS- I forgot to tell you that I was using SunOS 4.1.1
Thanks to
"Matt Crawford"
"Gordon C. Galligher"
John A. Murphy jam@philabs.Philips.Com

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