Summary: ipi disk changing of labels

From: Alain Brossard EPFL-SIC/SII (
Date: Wed Oct 16 1991 - 12:12:33 CDT

> We have a sun4/470 running 4.1.1 which has one IPI
> controller (idc0) on which sits 4 disks: CDC IPI 9720
> 5 times now, the label for disk id000 has found its way
> to the disk id001 with of course very bad side effects for
> anything using id001.
As I'm not the manager of the machine in question, I was missing
some information. Thanks to all the people who answered, most of
whom diagnosed the problem correctly as a use of dd to copy
the first partition of disk 0 to the first partition of disk 1.
The label is in the first block and gets copied along, the next
time the system boots, the disk 1 doesn't mount properly anymore
since they don't have the same partition tables. (Clive Beddall ) also had this to say:

> I had a problem with the same equipment, only the drive id002
> would lose a label...we were having problems due to our partitions.
> Both drive 1 and 2 were partitioned and used only as "C" one
> partition. We have now changed to one large "B" partition
> the same size as "C" and all is well.

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