SUMMARY: Problems with Xkernel

From: Bill Hart (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1991 - 03:11:13 CDT

Well I finally got my 3/50 working again under X11 R5 as an Xterminal.

I still don't know why the R4 server couldn't find the right fonts, but
the R5 server does. I've been running the Openwindows clients on top
of the server and these seem to work fine, in fact better than they did
under the R4 server as better font support seems to have been built in.

Thanks to and
for their statically linked R5 servers, both worked Ok, but I chose to
use the one from cattelan as it didn't have the PEX stuff built in so
was only half the size.

As many people pointed out to me the problem with the Unix socket not
being found was due to the lack of a writable /tmp directory so it
was necessary to mount the root directory rw. I've only got one 3/50
so I don't care too much. It was suggested to me to include tmpfs into
the kernel to get around this problem, and use some swap space for /tmp.

Xkernel-1.4 is available from as is an experimental
R5 server.

Also since quite a few people asked me about where Xkernel could be got
from, I suggest getting an xarchie client going. Which should be available
from your local X sources archive.

Thanks for all the help .... now off to see what other damage I can ...

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