SUMMARY: Can one put larger capacity disk drive in IPX

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Mon Oct 21 1991 - 16:07:39 CDT

I originally asked about when/if higher capacitiy disk drives could be put into
the IPX. Primary motivation for this was to use the IPX's as demo machines.
A summary of the responses:

- It was agreed that 200 Megs just isn't enough, to which - I agree!

- Several recommended 3rd party vendors, and one, Box Hill, confirmed that they
  do sell a 400+ drive for $1850, and will soon have a 500+ drive for $1,950.
  They do recommend you spend $50 for an additional cooling fan.

- Another person mentioned that we should expect the 424 Meg drives bundled
  with the IPX from Sun in the near future. I asked my sales droid about this,
  to which he replied: "I don't sell rumours."

I also asked if this question was appropriate for this forum. As the
list below shows, I was not exactly inudated with responses, which touches
upon a concern of mine that we keep the signal to noise ratio high here.
One person suggested that the question could have gone to {alt,comp}.sys.sun,
but didn't mind too much. Others also didn't mind.

I consider Sun-Managers quite useful, and I'll continue to try to ask
questions that fall within the charter of the group and hopefully are
also of general interest to the subscribers.

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Thanx to: (Earl Smith)
rr6204 <> (Dan Kegel) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
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