SUMMARY: NFS write error 13

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Mon Oct 21 1991 - 17:32:16 CDT

Well, I found my problem just after I posted my plea. as Dan Transue
( put it:

> NFS write error 13 means that you do not have permission to do what you
> are trying to do. Since it is a diskless machine, the clients need to
> have root access to their file systems from the server.
> The server's exports file should look like:
> /export/root/client -access=client,root=client
> /export/swap/client -access=client,root=client
> I'd bet money on the fact that you don't have the ,root=... stuff
> in your server's exports file.

and he's right. in trying to fix an unrelated problem Friday, I
removed the root and access options from my exports file. putting
them back fixed it.

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