SUMMARY: dvi to postscript converter (Part II)

From: Doug Kelley (kelley@ucsfss2.ucsf.EDU)
Date: Wed Oct 23 1991 - 00:42:25 CDT

My apologies for not being more explicit. I am suitably chastised.

The problem arises in that the documentation for GNU Emacs (and other GNU
packages) comes in dvi format (i.e., DeVice Independent code produced by
TeX). In order to print this out, I needed to turn the dvi code into something
more digestible, like PostScript. I have TranScript 2.3 on another machine
here, but all the dvi filter does is print out a little message saying it's
not really there.

dvips from (available via anonymous ftp) will do the trick,
provided you have TeX gf fonts installed. After I got these fonts (from
the TeX directories (pub/text/TeX) on, everything
worked fine, and I finally got the manual (all 290 pages) printed out.

Thanks again to all who replied.

- Doug Kelley

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