SUMMARY: OW /usr/spool/calendar permission

From: Oran Davis (
Date: Sun Oct 27 1991 - 20:47:48 CST

HI All,
Solved in one hour from the NET! (My eyes are getting dimmer).

>I'm getting in the console form inetd:
>rpc.cmsd: /usr/spool/calendar is not owned by daemon. Exited.
> ...
>rpc.cmsd: /usr/spool/calendar is not owned by daemon. Exited.
>Oct 24 17:01:04 int inetd[158]: 100068/rpc/udp server failing
>(looping), service terminated

An 's' bit in the group permission and making sure that goup id for
/usr/spool/calendar is daemon fixes the problem.

 rwxrwsrwt daemon daemon
      ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
 To get these permissions:
        chmod +s /var/spool/calendar
        chmod 1777 /var/spool/calendar

You can also rename /var/spool/calendar and let $OPENWINHOME/bin/install_cmgr
recreate every thing for you. Then copy back your calendar stuff into the new
claendar directory just created. You need the close the calendar manager and
kill rpc.cmsd then restart calendar manager to get the data to show up.

Thanks to :

>- Oran

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