SUMMARY: format.dat for Maxtor-P0-17S

From: Michael N. Lipp (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1991 - 15:35:29 CST


I had trouble installing a Maxtor-P0-17S (that's how the drive calls
itself via SCSI, the data sheet says Maxtor-P1-17S).

It turned out, that I don't need a format.dat-entry. I have to select
"type other" in the format program and then enter the drive with
1774 data and 2 alternate cylinders instead of the 1776 data and
2 alternate cylinders that format proposes. The 2 alternate cylinders
specified in the data sheet (adding up to a total of 1778) seem
to be inaccessible.

Thanks to all who responded


you don't really need a format.dat if you reduce the ncyl/pcyl * nhead * nsect
so that you dont interfere with the block numbers format complains about.

probably reducing the ncyl/pcyl with one or more cylinders will fix it.
This is the way we figure out unknown drive parameters :-)
This has always been succesful up til now.


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> So I assume that these are "drive internal
> alternates", not accessible to the CPU.

Probabely not. Perhaps the drive should say "1776
cylinders including 2 alternates", so try to label
it with 2 data cylinders less.

Eckhard R"uggeberg

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