SUMMARY: syslogd (Reno, Tahoe, etc)

From: Micky Liu (
Date: Tue Oct 29 1991 - 02:34:40 CST

Many thanks to the people that responded! The most informative and
authoritative answer came, however, from Tim G. Smith at Sun...

< We've been advised to get a copy of the syslogd from 4.3BSD which have
< now produced these questions...
< 1) What is the relation between 4.3BSD (Reno and Tahoe) and
< SunOS4.1.1b?

As a whole the SunOS kernel is very different than 4.XBSD. Much of
the userland code is still very similar or identical.

< 2) What do the codewords Reno and Tahoe mean, and which is
< latter?

First there was 4.3. Then there was 4.3 Tahoe. And then there was
4.3 Reno.

Tahoe was so named because one of the things it added was support for
the CCI machines which were code named "Tahoe". Reno was called Reno
as a joke based on its predecessor Tahoe.

The freed Berkeley sources were extracted from 4.3 Reno and made
available to the public; this was a release called the "4.3 Tahoe [Reno]
Networking Release" which was for the most part distributed via

I think UUNET currently has all of the freed Berkeley source on line
in a directory called bsd-sources. I am fairly certain that this
stuff is based on the 4.3 Reno release (but I have been wrong before).

Try looking in uunet:bsd-sources/usr.sbin/syslogd.

< 3) With respect to syslogd, which is the more current version
< 5.42 (6/29/90) from 4.3BSD-Reno or 1.17 (9/11/90) from SMI?
< Please don't tell me to look at the dates...

SunOS 4.1.1 syslogd [1.17 90/09/11 SMI] is based on 5.18 (2/23/87)
>From Berkeley.

< 4) Will the 4.3BSD version be a compatible replacement for the
< SunOS version?

For the most part it should be. I don't have the time to really
compare the sources though...

The biggest difference I can think of is that the Sun syslogd runs the
config file through m4 before processing it.

Thanx Again!

Micky Liu

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