SUMMARY -- mouse cursor (arrow) stuck

Date: Tue Oct 29 1991 - 17:35:24 CST

Ok, everyone can stop now. Thanks to the 10 or so people who have
sent me copies of gxcursor.c Somehow this problem didn't tickle my
brain in the right place to remember seeing gxcursor in the READ THIS
FIRST for openwindows (which I had).

Thanks, too, to the one or two who suggested clear_colormap. I
haven't tried either solution yet, but I am confident that one will work.

Thanks again.

My posting:

> Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 16:55:39 EST
> We have a new SSII running 4.1.1. After adding 16MB of memory to
> bring it to a total of 64MB, it has displayed the odd behavior of
> leaving the arrow (the mouse pointer) on the screen when suntools is
> exitted. If suntools is started up again it goes away until the
> real/active one is displayed. During the non-suntools time the arrow
> is innactive, of course.
> What could be causing this?
> Thanks,
> Steve.


Steve Holmes purdue!sjh
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Mathematics (317) 494-6055
Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana 47907

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