SUMMARY: Persisitence of sunview selection_svc under SunOS 4.1.1

From: Craig R. Bina (
Date: Tue Oct 29 1991 - 16:56:50 CST

In article <> I wrote:

>I fear this may be a FAQ.... Some of my users persist in running
>sunview instead of OW under SunOS 4.1.1, and the selection_svc
>processes never die. They just pile up, day after day, until all
>the swap space is consumed. I seem to recall that this bug has
>been present in sunview since SunOS 3.4, at least. Is there a
>patch or workaround available?

I have received a number of useful replies. The cleanest solution
(which I have adopted) came from

>I am not sure that this is actually a bug. I think it is just a
>stupid feature. It also creates some problems because the
>selection_svc running is not always owned by the person running
>sunview and this creates some errors when opening files.
>Anyway, since /usr/sunview is actually a link to /usr/sunview1/sunview
>I replaced /usr/sunview with the following shell script,
>which takes care of the problem the brute force way, by just killing
>the selection_svc when the user exits sunview. I hope this helps.
> Mark
>#! /bin/csh
># run sunview and get rid of running selection_svc that we might leave behind
>/usr/bin/sunview1/sunview $*
>set tokill = `ps ax | grep selection_svc | grep -v grep | awk '{ORS = " "; print $1}'`
>(kill $tokill >& /dev/null)
>unset tokill

Another useful solution came from
>I discovered this "feature" of sunview's selection_svc and created
>a script called killproc which I put in everyone's .logout. It is
>called as:
> killproc selection_svc
>At the time I created it, there were other processes deskset was
>leaving around. It doesn't hurt openwin to leave it in the .logout.
>You may want to look at a file in /tmp that printtool is leaving
>around: .pt.err. It gets created with a particular user's ownership,
>but never deleted. Others attempting to use printtool then get
>obscure error messages.
>==========================cut here==================================
>#! /bin/sh
># killproc
>procno=`ps -cx | grep $1 | awk '{ print $1 }'`
>echo -n killing $1 \(PID $procno\) ...
>kill -9 $procno
>echo ' done.'

Several people pointed out the obvious solution: force users to run
OW2 or X11.... I hope someone else finds this summary useful.


Craig R. Bina, Asst. Prof., Network Director
Dept. of Geological Sci., Northwestern Univ.
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