SUMMARY: Seagate 2.5 gb drives

From: Kevin W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Oct 30 1991 - 21:14:51 CST

Recently, I asked:

>Will the SCSI version of the Seagate 2.5 gb drives work on a Sun? I remember
>reading on this list that there were problems with large SCSI drives. My
>system is a 4/380, and I'm running 4.1.1. Thanks.

I was able to get the solution by calling the Sun 800 number.

According to the person that I talked to, the problems with large SCSI disk
drives only happen with the Sun4c kernel. The problems do not exist in the
Sun4 kernel.

That explains why patch 100343-02 only as a Sun4c patch.

Thanks to the following:
John DiMarco <>
kevins@Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Mark Seiden)

        Kevin W. Thomas
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