SUMMARY: Modems on S-Bus card

From: Jim Sisul (bmskc!moe!sisul@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Fri Nov 01 1991 - 05:25:55 CST

My original posting:

In the latest roundup of prodcuts available on S-Bus cards,
the last SunFlash listed modems from two sources:

Helios, makers of HeliosCOM, which won't be available until the
end of November, and XECOM, who told me they aren't making S-Bus
modems anymore.

Does anyone use S-Bus card modems from any other manufacturers
that may have missed the last SunFlash listing? If so, could you
please send me the name of the product and its maker? I will summarize
here as soon as possible.



The responses I got all second-guessed our requirements
and asked "why not use a multi-serial port card?" including
one from a salesman! (Although I don't want to start a war
on the ethics of using this bulletin system for commercial gain.)
Sorry, but our requirements are well thought-out and they demand
a modem on an S-Bus card.

I really wish we had the available real estate in our product
to accomodate an external modem, then all the well-intentioned
advice would have helped.

No such modems exist right now; XECOM is out of the modem-on-a-card
business and Helios isn't shipping until the end of November.
There are no other modem on a card products available.

Thanks for your help,


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