SUMMARY: SS2s going into device waits every day

From: Matthew Donaldson (
Date: Mon Nov 04 1991 - 22:17:41 CST

Hi All. Sorry for the long delay - I've been waiting to make sure that the
fix(es) are actually working. Our machines decided to stop showing the
symptoms of the problem for a while, which made it slow going.

Thanks for all the many many replies, some even before I got my own message.

It seems that it may be a combination of two things, so first prize goes
to two people: (Craig Rice) sent me a beta sun4c version of patch
100330-01, which seems to partially solve this problem, and also fixes another
problem that had recently emerged. We have had no ill-effects from the patch
so far. Thanks Craig.
Mail me if you want this patch, and can't find it anywhere else.


"Manavendra K. Thakur" <> said:

> You aren't automounting /usr/share, are you? I seem to remember
> reading that the automounter shouldn't be used to mount /usr/share,
> because automounter needs to access the timezone information under
> that directory before it can mount things. Of course, you get caught
> in a deadlock if the automounter tries to mount the /usr/share, goes
> to look up timezone information in /usr/share, and then hangs waiting
> for /usr/share to be automounted!

> Now, this all pertained to Sun's automounter. I don't know whether
> amd suffers from this problem or not. Just a thought to pass on.

Well, after applying the 100330 patch, the hanging was less frequent, but
did still occur once, so we tried not automounting /usr/share, and haven't
had any more problems.

Some of the other responses: (Peter J. Welcher) suggested increasing the
number of nfsd's in case they were getting bogged down with requests, and
adding more swap space.

stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern) suggested trying the NFS jumbo patch. (Brian Keves) suggested trying the patch for bug-id's
1017518 and 1017893. (Seems this is only for 4.0.3 though). (Brian R. Mondics) suggested installing the lockd patch
100075-07. (We have already done this).

Thanks again to everyone who replied.


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