SUMMARY: dataless admin prog

From: John Gilmour (j.gilmour@trl.OZ.AU)
Date: Tue Nov 05 1991 - 09:44:48 CST

Dear Managers,
I sent a message last week requesting comments on some software
I (and others) wrote to enable dataless workstations to have
a choice of /usr servers at bootup time.

Some methods were given for changing the /usr server on a dataless
workstation when the existing server is down (apart from booting up
(1) - boot the machine in single user mode
    - mount the root partion read-write (/sbin/mount -o remount /)
    - use the echo command to re-create /etc/fstab, specifying
      another server for /usr,
      or better still, mount /usr from another server
      (you might have to echo a host entry into /etc/hosts)
      and then fiddle with the fstab, using ed or vi.
(2) have a spare diskless client setup on a server, and boot the
    dataless machine over the net, after making appropriate
    changes to /etc/ethers on the server and the EEPROM parameters on
    the client.

I didn't receive any suggestions providing a more seemless
solution than the one my software provides so I'll stick with it.

Some people asked that the software be made publically available.
Unfortunately, our site does not allow anonymous ftp access,
however, I can mail you the software if you make a request.


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