SUMMARY: lpr -s hosed for remote printers

From: Brendan Kehoe (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1991 - 09:45:05 CST

I asked:
     If you do lpr -s to print a huge file to a local printer, it works fine.
     But if you do lpr -s to print a huge file to a remote printer, it pukes;
     it doesn't send the whole file through for some reason. In this case, it's
     a 3Mb TeX dvi file, that's truncated ~2Mb through (no ulimit).
     The man page mentions that lpd will accept arbitrarily large files from
     remote sites; but lpr, for some reason, doesn't send the whole thing
     through. Any ideas welcome!

The overwhelming consensus is to make sure that mx#0 is in *all* printcaps
that are in the chain. I tried it and it works like a charm! Thanks
to everyone that's responded:


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