Summary: socket bind (address in use)

From: Charlie Taylor (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1991 - 10:59:16 CST

Lot's of interest on this one...

Seems that many people have experienced similar difficulties but suggested
that _if_ I would be patient the port would eventually clear. However, I
don't think that is the case if there is a host out there somewhere with
a process trying to connect to it. Anyway, I waited more than 24 hrs which
is long enough for me!

It was also suggested that I should use the most "gentle" means available
(avoid kill -9) for killing these processes so that they have the opportunity
to clean up after themselves. I think this is useful in the case of lpd but
in the case of the license managers, they were dying their own death so there
wasn't much I could do about it.

The most pro-active solution came from Matt Crawford (
who wrote...

There is another way. How brave are you?

Use "netstat -A -f inet" and find the PCB address of the connection
which offendeth thee. This is the address of a "struct tcpcb" (see
<netinet/tcp_var.h>) What you want to do is use "adb -w /vmunix
/dev/kmem" to zero out the "state" variable. (State 0 is "CLOSED")

Suppose I want to zap the last connection listed here:

# netstat -A -f inet
Active Internet connections
PCB Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (state)
ff64c18c tcp 0 0 localhost.3738 localhost.sunrpc TIME_WAIT
ff659b0c tcp 0 0 localhost.3737 localhost.sunrpc TIME_WAIT
ff65308c tcp 0 240 group-w.3730 hepterm1.6000 ESTABLISHED
ff65ad0c tcp 0 0 group-w.1023 oddjob.login ESTABLISHED
ff65400c tcp 0 0 group-w.3726 hepterm1.6000 ESTABLISHED
ff65658c tcp 0 0 group-w.3725 oddjob.6667 ESTABLISHED
# adb /vmunix /dev/kmem
not core file = /dev/kmem
0xff656594: 4
./w 0

Then wait several seconds for the periodic TCP scanning of PCB's to
eliminate that connection entirely.
Matt Crawford Astronomy & Astrophysics U of Chicago

I have not had the opportunity to try this yet so I can't vouch for it.
It may sound a little drastic but that's part of the fun if you can
afford the gamble!

As usual, thanks for all the replies,

Charlie Taylor
UF Astronomy

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