SUMMARY: Where is /etc/cshrc?

Date: Wed Nov 06 1991 - 16:02:52 CST

Mucho thanx to all who replied to my query about the existance/location of a
global rc file for the SunOS 4.1.1 csh. The consensus is:

1. There isn't one 8-(
2. A lot of other sysadmins put a "source" line at the head of each users
   $HOME/.cshrc or .login, or both to explicitely run a global rc.
3. Opinion is divided on the sensible location for such a file: /etc, /usr/lib,
   /usr/local/lib, $HOME/.. all made appearences. /etc sounds good to me for
   consistancy with other systems.
4. A lot of people have opted for tcsh, bash - anything to get around
   the lack (Sun: is there a message in there do you think?).
5. A couple of people, requiring a "secure" setup resorted to "sh" altogether.
6. A couple more have hacked the BSD sources to provide this facility.

That about sums up the majority of replies. I won't post the names - mainly
because I lost half of them (damn VMS Mail furshlugginer braindead.....!). John Ruckstuhl says:
|I ask users to put their personal customizations in .cshrc+, and leave
|.cshrc as:
| # This file should not be modified -- customize in ~/.cshrc+ if desired.
| # To prevent "source"ing of generic initialization script, create ~/.cshrc-
| if (! -f ~/.cshrc-) source /home/alpha/Cshrc
| # If customizing file ~/.cshrc+ exists, then "source" it
| if (-f ~/.cshrc+) source ~/.cshrc+

Which probably has some merit too. Make it easy to figure out whether someone
has stuffed their setup.

Oh, and finally a special thanx to all those who referred me to /usr/lib/Cshrc.
It's nice to know I've not jumped to all the conclusions in the known world 8-)

Thanx again all,


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