SUMMARY: Availability of Sun SNMP daemon

From: Matt Ragan (matt@sequoia.UUCP)
Date: Thu Nov 07 1991 - 17:02:41 CST

Yesterday, I posted a request for information on an SNMP daemon for Sun 3's
and SPARCs running SunOS 4.1. A few people informed me that Sun has reduced
the price of SNM from $10K to $3K (still out of our budget, however). Three
free packages, and a number of commercial packages were recommended. No
pricing was given on any of the commercial packages. Summaries follow:

Free packages:

   MIT SNMP package - (snmp.tar available from
     Nobody recommended this package, other than to mention its existence.
     When compared to the other two packages, this one always ranked last.
     Its daemon was considered very primitive.

   CMU SNMP package (available a number of places - home location seems
       to be pub/snmp1.1b.tar at
     A number of people suggested this one, but only one person compared
     it favorably to the ISODE package. Be sure to get the 1.1b version,
     as the 1.0 version (which I had) did not have a daemon.

   ISODE package (pub/isode/isode-7.tar.Z and pub/isode/smnp-upgrade.tar.Z
        from Also available via )
     This was recommended by most people as having the most functionality
     (It was the only of the three packages that supported MIB-II), and
     the most expandability. The drawback of this package is its size
     (~7Mb compressed with documentation set).

Commercial packages:

   SNM - SunNet Manager
      $3000, comes with monitoring program and a daemon you may distribute
      throughout your network. Contact Sun for more information.

   SNMP Research, Inc.
      No price or name given. Has agent that runs on a variety of platforms.
      Their phone is (615) 573-1434.

   PSI's SNMP Toolkit
      No price given. Information from

Thanks to all who responded, listed below.

        djw@BBN.COM (Carl Rigney) (Mohamed Ellozy) (Danny Mitzel) (David S. Spencer)
        Jim Duncan <>
        clauberg@rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Axel Clauberg)
        anselmo-ed@CS.YALE.EDU (Ed Anselmo)
        Ian Daniel <>
        Forrest Palmer <> (Ian MacPhedran) (Paul Begley)
        Bob Sutterfield <bob@MorningStar.Com>
        Kenton C. Phillips <> (Dave Jarrett)
        Nick Cuccia <> (Greg Christy)
        Bob.Page@Eng.Sun.COM (Bob Page)

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